Wall Street’s favorite distraction or lucky charm for the wealthy & the wise?

aquariumLast week I went to meet this senior leader from Bloomberg LP at their HQ in London. I loved their giant aquariums, which the gentleman told me was a fixture in almost all their offices and the reason goes back to their founder, the eponymous Michael Bloomberg. Mike was such a workaholic, often working on his desk without a break for hours at a stretch, that his wife put a small fish tank on his table to offer him some diversion! The man really took a liking to the gift and it became his favorite distraction when the workload got too heavy. As his business grew he thought it only fair that his employees should also enjoy the tranquility and recreational moments the aquariums offer.

Well Mr. and Mrs. Bloomberg for sure weren’t alone in their thought. Urban legend has it that Bill Gates also has a huge wall-to-wall aquarium at his island home in Seattle and who could forget that huge aquarium in the ‘Swiss Banker’ scene in the movie ‘Wolf of Wall Street’. If reports are to be believed NYC/Wall Street does indeed have the coolest fish tanks in the world. Does it have something to do with power symbolism or good luck or just diversion for hectic work lives? I don’t know. What I do know is that I could start this week with a goldfish bowl on my desk. What do you think? 


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