The first time I heard about an Energy bar, I was mesmerized! This light (50g) munchie can pack up to 300 calories! No wonder they are everywhere these days. Often stacked at super market tills, in line with their evergreen bestseller status. The reason behind their success is simple – its food for the hurried soul. And we are all in a hurry, running to catch up to a world in perpetual velocity.

I started this blog inspired by the Energy bar (there I said it!).

Its catchment area – the hurried soul – is mine too. People who need inspiration, but ain’t got time to read those hefty bestsellers or long articles or voluminous reports. In my Inspiration Bar, therefore, you will find small bite-size nuggets, anecdotes, reviews, insights and really random takes that could potentially supplement your IQ (Inspiration Quotient) till you get the time to serenade it legitimately! Take one bar every morning and a shot at night and you should get by reasonably motivated 🙂 (But on weekends do read those book please!)

 Contributions are welcome. Fling them to contact@zulfianafees.com