World’s best minds want these ideas dead NOW!

this ideaA friend recently recommended reading the book “This Idea Must Die: Scientific theories that are blocking progress” which brings together 175 of the world’s most brilliant minds to tackle the question: What scientific idea has become a relic blocking human progress? I am yet to read the book instituted by, but am captivated by the bold intent of the compilation as I’ve always believed that one of the most important signs of a living society, or for that matter, a group or a company or business is its ability to fairly-and-squarely question/asses even its most sacred “truths”.

Here are some ideas from this compilation that the maestros voted out:

  • Steven Pinker dismantled the working theory of human behavior
  • Richard Dawkins renounced essentialism
  • Sherry Turkle reevaluated our expectations of artificial intelligence
  • Geoffrey West challenged the concept of a “Theory of Everything”
  • Andrei Linde suggested that our universe and its laws may not be as unique as we think
  • Martin Rees explained why scientific understanding is a limitless goal
  • Nina Jablonski argued to rid ourselves of the concept of race
  • Alan Guth rethought the origins of the universe
  • Hans Ulrich Obrist warned against glorifying unlimited economic growth

This year for its 20th anniversary special the question is asking is “WHAT SCIENTIFIC TERM OR CONCEPT OUGHT TO BE MORE WIDELY KNOWN?” – can’t wait to read the compilation!

Related food for thought – which popular “idea” do you think must die in 2017?

P.S. Trump is not an idea. He is a human unfortunately! 😉