The “cheque dilemma” of women leaders!

This very accomplished CXO from a US based Financial Major once told us of an interesting dilemma she faces as a woman leader. While it’s definitely tough for woman to move up the leadership pipeline, she said, it is equally and sometimes more challenging to keep validating the position every single day in the most inconspicuous of situations! In a restaurant for example, she may be hosting customers, her team or partner colleagues but when it comes to billing time, the waiters always hand over the cheque to one of the male members on the table! “They have a tough time imagining a woman is the host of this important looking delegation; so the cheque would never come my way!” she said. How did she solve this sticky situation? By imitating the alpha male game! Now whenever she’s taking people out for a meal, she ensures she sits at the head of the table, when she walks in she ensures she sends enough “I’m the woman in-charge here” signals to the waiter serving her table and right before the finale, she makes eye contact with the waiter while requesting for the cheque! Hard work eh?! Every single day!


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