The lesson my child’s storybook taught me…

I recently bought a book on ‘Aesops Fables’ to read to my kiddo at night. He is big time bedtime story fan. In seven years of his amazing companionship I must have told some 1,000 odd original stories that I make up on the fly so that he could sleep fast. A few months back, I started amping my story armor with outside help from books J and this ‘Aesop’ book was one such buy. Long story short- amazing book with some amazing lessons that grown-ups can heed just as much. Here is one that I read to my son last night and ended up reading to myself more… you’ll know why when you read it too. So here it goes:

A Fox once saw a Crow fly off with a piece of cheese in its beak and settle on a branch of a tree.

“That’s for me, as I am a Fox,” said Master Reynard, and he walked up to the foot of the tree.

“Good day, Mistress Crow,” he cried. “How well you are looking today: how glossy your feathers; how bright your eye. I feel sure your voice must surpass that of other birds, just as your figure does; let me hear but one song from you that I may greet you as the Queen of Birds.”

The Crow lifted up her head and began to caw her best, but the moment she opened her mouth the piece of cheese fell to the ground, only to be snapped up by Master Fox.

“That will do,” said he. “That was all I wanted. In exchange for your cheese I will give you a piece of advice for the future: “Do not trust flatterers.”

Enough said.


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