A botox shot for your mind?!

One of my mentors and celebrated management guru Vineet Nayar always used to say, “asking the right question is more important than finding the right answers”. There is a lifetime of wisdom in this single line which has also seeded a lifetime of love in me to serenade questions that force one to think outside the box, think beyond the obvious and think un-tethered. If you are a philosophical kinda fellow than my post today provides 9 questions that are sure to open your mind wider, exercise your mental muscles a bit and make you pirouette vicariously on your rational canvas… Consider this a botox shot for your mind today –

  1. If Buddha was alive what would he tweet?
  2. Why do human beings smile (one of the few species who does so)?
  3. If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?
  4. Why hasn’t a psychic won the lottery?
  5. How many birds do you think you have seen twice?
  6. if you didn’t know a language how would you think?
  7. What is at the very edge of the Universe?
  8. How are we able to we wake up every day?
  9. How long is a moment?

P.S. if you have convincing answers to any of these questions, then drop me a mail at zulfia@zulfianafees.com and i’ll feature your thoughts as a follow-up post!

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